Danube Tower Stair Run

On 8th of September 2017 the Stair Run takes place at the Viennese Danube Tower for the 21st time. After a successful resumption in 2014 it is again possible for amateur and pro runners to participate. Attention: Maximum of 400 participants registered on a first-come, first-sered basis!

Compete with the elite

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to measure yourself against the word's elite. Conquer 779 stairs and a height of 150 metres and strive to get as close as possible to the current record of 3:23.58 – set by Christian Riedl in January 2015. You can then enjoy the wonderful view from the Danube Tower after a successful run.

Tower running is gaining in popularity around the globe and there are now over 200 events staged worldwide, attracting over 120,000 runners. The Danube Tower Stair Run was last year part of the "Towerrunning 200 – Vienna/Brno/Bratislava 2016" event, which is in the top category. This year the Danube Tower will be one of the 12 towers to run up in the Tower Running Challenge of the World Federation of Great Towers (WFGT). We will again be welcoming the world elite to Vienna this year and will also be offering a great supporting programme.

Danube Tower Stair Run September 8th, 2017
Details about the race and registration are following soon! 

For more information about Tower Running in Austria and International visit www.towerrunning-austria.at and www.towerrunning.com