Combination tickets

Visit other sights in and around Vienna (Schönbrunn zoo, Viennese Giant Wheel, Liliputbahn miniature railway, Stift Klosterneuburg, boats on the River Danube, Time Travel Vienna) and save with our reduced price combination tickets. The combinations need not be visited on the same day!

Combine Danube Tower & Schönbrunn Zoo

To celebrate the newly opened giraffe park the Danube Tower makes common cause with Schönbrunn Zoo. Watch the giraffes Fleur and Sofie at eye level from a gallery and let the day slowly wind down with the breath-taking view over the cosmopolitan city Vienna.

Adults: € 20,50
Children: € 11,– *

* Children between 6 and 14 years (up to their 15th birthday)
Children under 6 years free

Save more than 20 % compared to single tickets! Tickets are available at Danube Tower and Schönbrunn Zoo ticket desks. The combined ticket is valid for one year from date of issue! 

Combine Danube Tower & Giant Ferris Wheel

The Giant Ferris Wheel, trademark of Austria's capital city and a symbol of Vienna's world-famous Prater, creates a very special point of reference for every visitor with its unmistakable silhouette, clearly visible even from great distances. A circular trip on one of the most significant and fascinating structures in the world, and the unique view of the city of Vienna, make the Giant Ferris Wheel an absolute cultural and architectural must for every visitor to Austria's capital.

Adults: € 14,30
Children: € 8,10

Combination tickets are only available in our shop at the Danube Tower!

Combine Danube Tower & Liliput Railway

A journey on traditional track ways throughout the Prater and Danube Parks with their airy, open-air carriages offers you an adventure, fun and relaxation all rolled into one. At the Prater during the weekends, original steam locomotives from 1928 are actually still in operation! In addition to the admission to the Danube Tower, the combi-ticket also includes a cruise of your choice with the Danube park railway, the Liliput railway in the Prater or the Prater train. Further info at

Adults:  € 8,20
Children:  € 5,70

Save 35% compared to single tickets! Tickets are available at Danube Tower and Danube Park Railway ticket desks!

Combine Danube Tower & Klosterneuburg Monastery

When looking towards Vienna from Klosterneuburg Monastery, the silhouette of the Danube Tower is unmissable. When looking upstream the Danube from the Danube Tower, Klosterneuburg Monastery is enthroned on the right Danube bank. Combine both excursion destinations with the Jubilee-Ticket for a super price.

The Combination ticket includes the admission to the Danube Tower and the Monastery ticket for all theme tours and the special exhibition "Kreuz, Ring & Infel".

Price:  € 19,40

Combination tickets with the Klosterneuburg Monastery are valid until 30.12.2017 and are available in our shop at the Danube Tower as well as directly at Klosterneuburg Monastery!

Combine Danube Tower & Danube Cruise

Admission to the Danube Tower, to the observation deck in 150 metres height, or visit our café and restaurant on top of the tower. Enjoy the fantastic view over Vienna. Experience the view from the waterside by taking a cruise on the Danube Channel and the great Blue Danube.

The combined ticket includes: 

1) Entrance to the Danube Tower
2) Danube River Cruise of your choice:

  • Grand Danube River Cruise - half round trip (route A or B)
  • Grand Danube River Cruise - round trip (route A + B)
  • Danube City Cruise (route C)

Price A, B or C:  € 24,40
Price A + B:  € 29,60

For route A and B (Grand Danube River Cruise) the Combi-Ticket is redeemable between April 1, 2017 and October 31, 2017. For route C (Danube City Cruise) tickets are redeemable for the whole season (365 days a year) until December 31, 2017. There is no discount for Combi-Tickets. The Danube Tower visit and the cruise need not to be on the same day!

Combination tickets are available in the shop at the Danube Tower. The combined ticket with the DDSG Danube River Cruise is valid for one year from date of issue!

Combine Danubet Tower & Time Travel

Combine two extraordinary excursion destinations. Enjoy the breathtaking view over the cosmopolitan city of Vienna at the Danube Tower and immerse yourself in the historical vaults of the monastery St. Michael in the 1,300 square meter new world of experience "Time Travel" all around the history of Vienna.

Adults: € 21,50
Children: € 16,50

Combination tickets with Time Travel are available in our shop at the Danube Tower as well as directly at the Time Travel attraction in Habsburgergasse!