Danube Tower Café

At the Danube Tower it’s all about fine Austrian cuisine. At the rotating café at a height of 160 metres we offer a selection of homemade pastries and coffee variations but also a selection of dishes from our restaurant.  

Viennese Café Tradition

The Viennese coffee houses have always been a place for all culturally interested people, who are inspired by the enjoyment of a cup of coffee - once again today. At the Danube, we combine this tradition with an unrivaled view.

Enjoy one of our numerous coffee specialties. We are using finest coffee from Julius Meinl, a traditional company which has been closely connected with the coffee culture in Austria since 1862.

In addition to a selection of pies and classic Austrian desserts, we also offer small dishes, salads and hot dishes on our menu. The coffee house is open from 10 a.m. to midnight and is the perfect place for a short break on your sight seeing tour!

Impressions from the Danube Tower Café: