Facts & Figures

Here you can find many interesting and important facts about the Danube Tower.

Technical facts

Tower overall height: 252 m
Main Level / Height: 165 m
Observation Deck / Height: 155 m and 150 m
Weight / Tower: 17,600 tons
Diameteter tower: at ground level 12 m; going down to 6 m in a height of 160 m Foundation: Depth 8 m, diameter 31 m

Express lifts (High speed elevators)

2 Express lifts for 15 people each
Speed: 6,2 m/sec.
Duration of a ride: Up to 165 meter in 35 seconds
Capacity: 1 hour - 1,600 people
Architect/Static: Hannes Lintl / Robert Krapfenbauer
Construction time: 20 months


16th April 1964 within the WIG (Wiener Internationalen Gartenschau)
Building material: 3750 m3 concrete,
514 tons armoured concrete


Since the opening, the Danube Tower has welcomed 20 million visitors to the tower by June 2010.
Annually there are currently about 450,000 visitors


Café (at 160 metres) and Restaurant (at 170 metres)
Both restaurants turns with adjustable speed 
(26/39/52 min for one complete rotation)
Engines / Rolls: 2 / each with 96 bottom rollers
The glassed-in terrace can be used for events. 

Danube Tower Stair Run Up

From 1992 to 2008 we organized yearly in November the Danube Tower Run Up. From 2014 to 2016 the Danube Tower was part of the "3 Towers 3 Countries Competition" by the Towerrunning World Association. In 2017 the run up will be presented by the World Federation of Great Towers. 
Record: 3 min 19.43 seconds (Piotr Lobodzinski [POL]) 
Steps: 779 (Podests: 58)