Restaurant at the Danube Tower

Highest Viennese hospitality at a height of 170 metres!

At the Danube Tower it’s all about Austrian cuisine, Austrian wine and Viennese hospitality. Get inspired by the regularly updated seasonal menu and the classic dishes that are reminiscent of the good old days. We have interpreted traditional cuisine in a modern way with an emphasis on regionality and products from the areas you can see from the Danube Tower.

Seasonal recommendations

Our chef recommends this month...

Aperitif recommendation:

Müller’s Pinot Brut (rosé sparkling wine) 1 glass (0.1 l € 5,90)

Starters & salads:

Mixed leaf salad (small € 4.20 / large € 6.90)
House dressing, cherry tomatoes, garden cress, radishes

Ham roll (€ 7.90) 
French vegetable salad, potato chips, leaf lettuce

Soft goat's cheese (€ 8.90)
on leaf lettuce, turnips, thistle oil, honey,
pine nuts and Gölles apple balsamic vinegar

Beef Tartar (small € 12.90 / large € 17.90)
Spicily marinated, with toast, onion confit and pickled vegetables


Cream of tomato and pointed pepper soup (€ 4.50) 
with basil, citrus oil and croutons

Main courses:

Spinach Ravioli "vegetarian" (€ 12.90) 
mushrooms, peas, sheep's cheese, cherry tomatoes

Gratinéed artichoke hearts, ricotta,
capers and vine tomatoes
"vegetarian" (€ 14.50) 
on creamy chanterelle risotto with kohlrabi, corn and lovage

Minced veal butter schnitzel (€ 14,90)
with smashed potato, sautéed chanterelles, tarragon and veal jus

Roast chanterelles "vegetarian" (€ 14.90) 
with fingerling potatoes, cauliflower, grilled lettuce hearts,
tomato stock and balsamic honey

Grilled salmon trout (€ 20.50) 
on creamy asparagus risotto with orange and prawn sauce

Grilled fillet of pike perch (€ 22.50) 
balsamic lentils, pan-fried potatoes, must mustard sauce, root vegetables


Cheese platter
(€ 9.90)
Sheep's Camembert cheese, Kracher fine mould cheese,
mountain cheese with fig mustard, butter and nut bread


A variety of sorbets (€ 5.90) 
mango, wild berry, pear

"Flower Pot" (€ 6.90) 
of chocolate mousse with sour cherry ragout and vanilla ice cream

Creamy Mozart ball mousse (€ 7.90)
nougat and pistachio mousse with raspberry and amaretto sauce

Cherry and vanilla curd gratin (€ 7.90)
almond slivers and vanilla ice cream

Wine recommendations:

Müller’s Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC Point 2016 (1/8 l € 4.70)
Straw yellow, delicate green, intensive nose, grapefruit, pineapple, lime, pear,
white pepper, full-bodied, beautifully balanced, uncomplicated, quaffable

Müller’s Pinot Noir Classic 2016 (1/8 l € 4.70) 
Carmine red, light and crisp, raspberry, cherry, sweet nose,
tomato leaves, wonderfully quaffable

Digestif recommendation:

Obstler - Göthans / Missingdorf-Sigmundsherberg (2 cl € 2.90)

Our restaurant at the tower has opened daily
from 11.30 - 16:00 (11.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and
from 18:00 - 24:00 (6 p.m. to midnight)

Impressions from our restaurant