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Vollmondnacht am Donauturm Full Moon Night at the Danube Tower
Saturday, February 11, 2017

for just EUR 49,- (all inclusive)
(Unfortunately this date is already fully booked!)

Moon tales -
a dialogue between star signs and art

On nights when the moon is full, our satellite and the sun are in direct opposition. It is one of Nature's spectacles and exerts a very special power while every full moon has its own individual charisma. And on every full moon night, you can now get just that little bit closer to this fascinating and magical celestial body.

Come and enjoy an evening of culinary delights at a height of 160 metres above ground at the Danube Tower, Vienna's observation tower, gain insight into what the stars have to say and listen to fascinating tales of the metropolis on the Danube from its rich tradition of culture.

Did you already know that every building has its own zodiac sign? Find out exactly what Arthur Schnitzler and his literary colleagues really got up to. And then there's Klimt and his scandalous reputation. Our unusual idea is bring together two seemingly disparate concepts: art and the art of reading the stars.

In the café of the Danube Tower, you will be able to select from a wide choice of gourmet specialities from our "Moonlight Buffet". Try our special "Moonlight Cocktail" and savour the entertaining supporting programme in which you can learn everything about the signs of the zodiac and art in Vienna.

Full moon night entertainment at the Danube Tower

A night on which you can discover the world of astrology!

Our astrologist Barbara Weninger will help you read what the stars foretell for you and interpret what your personal planet chart means when it comes to love, partnerships and success. The stars change their relative positions every two hours, so it is essential to know your exact time of birth.

We will also be raffling a gift certificate for a personal horoscope chart to be prepared outside our Full Moon Evening

The price of our Moonlight Package includes:

  • A Moonlight aperitif
  • An extensive seasonal buffet
  • Tales of Viennese art and star signs
  • Schremser brewery's special "Full Moon" beer
  • A fine selection of wines
  • Lun Aqua
  • Alcohol-free beverages
  • Elevator ride

Barbara Weninger and Martina Bauer will be on hand to entertain you!

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