Pure adrenaline rush on Europe's highest slide - "Danube Tower Slide" officially opened today!

A new era of thrills is beginning at the Donauturm Wien, in which Wien Holding holds a stake. At today's press conference, Dr. Kurt Gollowitzer, Managing Director of Wien Holding GmbH, Danube Tower co-owner Paul Blaguss and Hermann Krammer, Managing Director of the Danube Tower Vienna, opened the "Danube Tower Slide".

The impressive art installation by renowned international object artist Carsten Höller was installed in a spectacular helicopter operation on October 3, 2023. From today, brave visitors can slide from the central floor through the transparent polycarbonate-clad and illuminated work of art to the viewing level at a height of 150 meters at a dizzying height of 165 meters and experience a breathtaking view as well as an adrenaline rush.

Since its opening in 1964, the Danube Tower has been the tallest building and landmark of the Austrian capital, dominating the Viennese skyline with a total height of 252 meters. The imposing structure not only offers exceptional architecture - the Viennese architect Prof. Hannes Lintl was responsible for the design - but also a unique view over the city and the surrounding area with a visibility of up to 80 kilometers in good weather. The experience is now enriched by the new "Danube Tower Slide" art object: Europe's highest slide stretches from the central floor at a height of 165 meters along the northern outer side of the Danube Tower to the viewing level at a height of 150 meters. From today, adventure-seekers can slide down the 40-meter-long slide with curves and straights and a gradient of 29 degrees. With a slide time of 7 to 9 seconds, depending on weight, a speed of up to 18 km/h can be reached. An unforgettable high-altitude experience is pre-programmed.

The Danube Tower, which attracts several 100,000 visitors a year, is an indispensable part of the Viennese way of life. "As a municipal group with around 75 companies in its portfolio, we promote future-oriented projects for a Vienna worth living in. In addition to business areas such as real estate, logistics and media, the cultural sector is of course also very important to us. The Danube Tower is an important symbol for Vienna and its now 2 million residents, and for us it symbolizes greatness and foresight with regard to our vision for the future of a city like Vienna that is worth living in. The Danube Tower slide makes a significant contribution to strengthening tourist attractions and is therefore also an important factor for the success of Vienna as a business location," explains Dr. Kurt Gollowitzer, Managing Director of Wien Holding GmbH.

"Following the conversion and renovation work carried out in 2018, we have focused on the further development of the Danube Tower in recent years. In close collaboration with the renowned object artist Carsten Höller, we have succeeded in creating a modern and contemporary attraction. We wanted to meet our customers' desire for excitement and adrenaline, but also offer a very special experience for a broad target group. The tower now joins the internationally diverse and exciting tower experiences around the world, such as the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, the CN Tower in Toronto and the Willis Tower in Chicago. We are very proud to have realized this spectacular project at the Danube Tower in Vienna," emphasizes Paul Blaguss, co-partner of the Danube Tower.

"With the new "Danube Tower Slide", our sophisticated and diverse range of gastronomy, such as the Tower Restaurant, Tower Café and Donaubräu, as well as increased communication, we want to appeal to a broad audience and, in addition to national and international guests, above all to the Viennese again," adds Hermann Krammer, Managing Director of the Danube Tower Vienna.

The Danube Tower welcomes all visitors to experience this fascinating art adventure from today and enjoy the breathtaking view of Vienna with a certain kick. The "Danube Tower Slide" can be used between 11:00 and 21:00 with a valid admission ticket and is secured by a traffic light control system and video surveillance.

"The Danube Tower is a building for leisure, fun and relaxation - we are delighted to be able to offer our guests a unique experience in Vienna with the new "Danube Tower Slide"," the shareholders and the Managing Director of the Danube Tower agree in conclusion.

Danube Tower Vienna - the city's highest landmark for almost 60 years

The Danube Tower was built in 1964 as a highlight and proud symbol of the Vienna International Garden Show (WIG) and, with a total height of 252 meters, is still the tallest structure in Austria. The lead architect was the Viennese professor Hannes Lintl. He chose a design language based on the type of television towers. Construction lasted from October 1962 to April 1964 - just under two years. A total of 3,750 m³ of concrete and 514 tons of reinforced concrete were used.

The central floor is at a height of 165 meters, the viewing terraces at 155 and 150 meters respectively. The diameter at ground level is 12 meters and tapers to 6 meters