Mein Warenkorb


The sixties saw a social revolution, with innovations and experimentation in architecture, art and culture. The economic miracle, the recovery and new technologies made beliefs about the future almost boundlessly naive.

During this time the Danube Tower was erected in 1964, as a proud symbol, in the course of the Vienna International Garden Show. For this purpose, a neglected area on the banks of the Danube was transformed into a spacious recreation area – the Danube Park, with the newly constructed tower looming strikingly above.

From the very beginning the Danube tower was the spectacular centrepiece of the Garden Show. Above all, the restaurant at that time was a sensation, constantly rotating on an axis 170 metres above the ground. 

Today, at 252 metres, the Danube Tower remains the tallest structure in Austria and an emblem of the style of the 1960s. Since its opening, as a popular destination it has drawn in over 420,000 visitors annually.


Along the Observation deck, partly covered by glass and in parts left open, the Tower provides a sense of orientation at a height of 150 metres and is the ideal starting point for a visit to Vienna. Three catering levels – at the foot of the Tower, with the Turmcafé at 160 metres and the rotating Turmrestaurant at 170 metres – also make the Danube Tower in Vienna a popular location for events of all kinds.



  • Eröffnung: 16. April 1964
  • Gesamthöhe Turm: 252 m
  • Höhe Zentralgeschoß: 165 m
  • Höhe Aussichtsterrassen: 155 m und 150 m
  • Gewicht Turm: 17.600 Tonnen
  • Durchmesser Turm: am Boden 12 m / auf 160 m: 6 m
  • Fundament: Tiefe 8 m / Durchmesser 31 m
  • Aufzüge: 2 Expresslifte für je 15 Personen
  • Geschwindigkeit Aufzüge: 6,2 m/sek.
  • Dauer einer Fahrt: Bis 165 m in nur 35 Sekunden