Maypole festival on May 1

May 1 is just around the corner and with it the traditional Maypole Festival at the Donaubräu at the foot of the Danube Tower with live music.

May Day Special at Donaubräu € 16,50

Celebrate May 1st with us at Donaubräu and enjoy our exclusive holiday offer for only €16.50!

Relish our delicious holiday roast and toast with a freshly tapped 0.5l Turmbier.

The musical accompaniment on 1 May in the Donaubräu from 12.30 to 15.30 will be provided by Christoph Pittamitz/vocals and Daniel Romstorfer/drums.

We look forward to serving you on this special day!

The raising of a maypole on May 1 is an old tradition celebrated in many parts of Europe. In Austria, this tradition is particularly popular and attracts many people every year.


A maypole is a tall tree, usually made of a coniferous trunk and decorated with colorful ribbons, wreaths or shields. It is erected on May 1 and then remains standing for the entire month. In some regions, the tree is also erected as early as the night before May 1, which is called "maypole stealing".

The tradition of setting up the maypole has its origins in the Middle Ages. At that time, the trees were erected as symbols of fertility and growth. May 1 was an important holiday, as it marked the beginning of summer and thus the start of the agricultural season. The Maypole was meant to symbolize spring and the new life that was now returning to nature.

Over time, the meaning of the maypole has changed. Today it stands for the community and the connectedness of people. The raising of the tree is often a community event where young and old come together to celebrate. The tradition of stealing the maypole also still has meaning. It is a game between neighboring communities where the tree is stolen and then retrieved. It symbolizes the friendship and rivalry between the communities.

The erection of the maypole is an elaborate process. The tree is often cut and prepared weeks before May 1. Then, on the day of the erection, the men of the community gather to raise the tree. To do this, they place it on a special base and use ropes and pulleys to raise it to a vertical position. Once the tree is up, it is decorated and often there is a celebration afterwards with music, food and drink.

In some regions there are also special traditions surrounding the maypole. For example, in some areas it is guarded by a maypole king and queen, or there is a competition in which the men of the community dance around the tree.

The raising of the maypole on May 1 is a wonderful tradition that is still alive today. It is a symbol of community, friendship and cohesion. If you are in Austria and have the opportunity to visit a maypole festival, you should not miss it!