Whistleblower system - Reporting misconduct at Donauturm Aussichtsturm- und Restaurantbetriebsgesellschaft m.b.H

Every voice at Donauturm is important. We rely on our colleagues and external stakeholders to speak up when a situation threatens our core values and reputation. For this reason, we have set up the Donauturm whistleblower@donauturm.at email address, which can be used to report violations.

At Donauturm, our employees make the difference every day. We are proud of how they demonstrate our core company values of vigilance, integrity and helpfulness while protecting people and assets. These values define who we are and guide our decisions and actions.

Reporting concerns gives us the information we need to improve the situation and prevent similar situations from happening again. We also believe that everyone should feel safe enough to speak up.

If you are a Donauturm employee, partner or any other type of Donauturm-affiliated stakeholder and would like to report a case of non-compliance regarding our company, you can submit your complaint via the email address whistleblower@donauturm.at. The e-mail address is not intended to replace the responsibility of the management. We encourage you to report your concerns to Human Resources, the Works Council or management whenever possible. Of course, our anonymous mailbox for employees can still be used internally.

All reported cases of violations of Donauturm's values and ethical principles will be investigated and documented in accordance with the Donaturm Whistleblowing Policy and local regulations, regardless of the reporting channel.