VIP-Einladung, klingende Kultur und kulinarischer Genuss

The press conference on 28 June 2023 for the 17th Open Air Festival in the Donaupark became an outstanding cultural event with the support and sponsorship of the Donauturm and Donaubräu.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Charlotte Ludwig and Herbert Sobotka for allowing us to be part of these special events as a sponsor. With a variety of artists and a diverse program, the festival offered visitors an unforgettable experience.

On this special occasion, we had the opportunity to meet many talented artists and warmly welcome some who were already familiar to us. Charlotte Ludwig, Herbert Sobotka and even the charming Peter Rapp charmed us with their warm welcome.

Hans Ecker and his duo provided a musical specialty that carried us away. The performances of the various artists were, as always, unique and impressive.

Pressconference impressions

This summer, the Donaupark is once again the venue for one of Vienna's coolest events. From July 8 to August 27, the park's natural arena will be intensively played and invites locals and visitors to an unforgettable sounding cultural treat. The 17th Open Air Festival, initiated by Herbert Sobotka, President of the Donaustadt Cultural Association, promises a diverse program and top-class artists. Amidst the beautiful backdrop of the Donaupark, music, cabaret and art will be combined into an incomparable experience.

Fridays: Cabaret in a class of its own

Every Friday evening, visitors can expect a first-class cabaret program. Under the direction of Peter Rapp, the old warhorse with the sharp tongue, top-class punch lines start on July 8. Christoph Fälbl, Angelika Nidetzky, Joesi Prokopetz and other Schmähscheiber provide for laughter and best entertainment. Admission is free, so that everyone can enjoy the humorous spectacle.

Saturday: Austropop and Rock'n'Roll

On Saturday evening, the Donaupark is all about Austropop and Rock'n'Roll. With bands like DIE3, Austria 2 ½ and the cult band "Wiener Wahnsinn", the arena will be set to shake. Visitors can look forward to rousing music, well-known hits and an energetic atmosphere. Admission is once again free, making the open air festival an incomparable experience for music lovers.

Sundays: A musical journey through time

On the last two Sundays of the festival, August 20 and 27, the legs of visitors to the Naturarena will get restless. Herbert's Swinging Vienna and the Original Swingtime Big Band with Anita Horn present "A Tribute to Glenn Miller." This rousing show will make the hearts of dance enthusiasts beat faster and take them on a musical journey back in time to the era of swing. Visitors can look forward to an unforgettable experience.

Culinary delights and art

The Donaubräu, located at the foot of the Danube Tower, offers not only culinary delights, but also refreshing tower beer. In addition to the musical program, visitors can admire an exhibition by Nicola Verlato and immerse themselves in the world of art. The Donaubräu is the ideal place to get together in a relaxed atmosphere before or after the events in the Donaupark and enjoy the special atmosphere.


The 17th Open Air Festival in the Donaupark promises a varied and top-class program in the midst of a breathtaking natural arena. Thanks to the initiative of Herbert Sobotka and the Donaustadt Cultural Association, locals and visitors alike can enjoy cabaret, Austropop, rock'n'roll and a musical journey through time. Admission is free, so everyone has the opportunity to experience these unique events. Come by and enjoy the sounding cultural pleasure in the heart of Vienna!