Conrad Seidl and the Donaubräu: A triple Krügerl award

May 29, 2023: Conrad Seidl, born August 11, 1958 in Vienna, is an Austrian political editor and publicist. However, he is known in the beer world as the self-proclaimed "Beer Pope.

After his time as a political journalist at the Kurier daily newspaper and then at the Standard, Seidl turned increasingly to beer and brewing culture and published a number of books on the subject of beer. According to media reports, he had the term "beer pope" trademarked in the 1990s.

Seidl's expertise and passion for beer has earned him a prominent role in the assessment and recognition of beer gardens and breweries in Austria. One such place that has benefited from Seidl's expertise is Donaubräu in Vienna. The Donaubräu's guest garden at the foot of Vienna's Danube Tower was named the best beer garden of 2019 by beer pope Conrad Seidl. It was featured in the 20th edition of Seidl's Austrian beer guide and impresses with its location at the foot of the Danube Tower in the middle of the Danube Park and its contemporary organization, which provides a unique atmosphere.

In 2023, the Donaubräu received another award. This time it was again highlighted in the beer guide. The triple Krügerl award is proof of the outstanding quality of the beer and the ambiance that guests can expect at the Donaubräu. It is also a testament to the expertise and dedication of Conrad Seidl, who as the "Beer Pope" continues to help promote and preserve Austrian beer culture.

We can only look forward to seeing what other awards Donaubräu will receive in the coming years under the careful assessment of Conrad Seidl. One thing is certain: no matter how many awards the Donaubräu receives, it will always remain a place where beer lovers can enjoy a superbly tapped beer in a one# Conrad Seidl and the Donaubräu:

This award shows how much the Donaubräu's beer garden is appreciated and is a testimonial to the outstanding quality and unique ambience it offers its guests. It is a recognition that acknowledges the hard work and dedication that has gone into building and operating this wonderful beer garden. The award is not only a confirmation of the quality of the Donaubräu, but also a testament to Conrad Seidl's ongoing commitment to promoting beer and brewing culture in Austria.