First aid course at the Donauturm together with the Samaritan organisation

29 February 2024: In an unprecedented collaboration with the Vienna Samaritans, the Donauturm organised a first aid course for its employees.

This initiative not only emphasises the importance of safety in the workplace, but also the responsibility we all have to be able to help in an emergency.

A day dedicated to safety and learning

The course was tailored specifically to the needs of Danube Tower employees, with particular attention paid to the specific risks and potential emergency situations in the environment of this unique workplace. From the correct handling of minor injuries to immediate life-saving measures in the event of serious accidents, various scenarios were played out and practised.

The importance of first aid in the workplace

This first aid course not only served to improve employees' skills, but also to raise awareness of the importance of first aid in the working environment. In an environment that is frequented by numerous visitors every day, the ability to respond quickly and effectively in an emergency is essential.

Importance of refresher training

Once learnt, skills are quickly forgotten if there is a lack of practice. A regular refresher course is therefore particularly worthwhile for first aid, which is rarely practised but where action without hesitation is required in an emergency. For company first aiders, this course is required by law every four years and lasts eight hours, or every two years and lasts four hours. This requirement ensures that first aid knowledge and skills are always up to date and present so that effective action can be taken in an emergency.