Temporary break of our 360° panorama rotating mechanism in the Tower Café

August 24, 2023: We would like to inform you that our popular technical rotation, which offers you a unique 360° panoramic view in the Turm Café while you sit relaxed at your table, is unfortunately not working at the moment.

Our turning mechanism has served us faithfully and has been in operation for almost six decades. However, due to an unfortunate error during the last repair, the system suffered damage. The massive infirmity is already being worked on.

Please understand that the search for suitable offers, delivery times and the subsequent installation of this special drive will take some time. It is important to us that you as our guests can enjoy this unique panoramic experience again in the future.

We regret the temporary inconvenience and will of course keep you informed of any further developments and when the Turm Café will start turning again.

For this reason, we are currently suspending our popular brunch from 18 October 2023 until the end of the year. The brunch will continue to take place until 1 October 2023.

The rotating mechanism of the Turm Restaurant works perfectly.