A Tower for All Celebrates Pride Month 2023

June 1, 2023: The world is a colorful mosaic of different cultures, religions and people. As such, it is imperative that we strive to promote inclusion and diversity in all aspects of life. The Danube Tower in Vienna is a prime example of these values and expresses them by celebrating Pride Month 2023.

For those who do not know: The Danube Tower is a well-known landmark of the Austrian capital and a popular meeting place for people from all over the world. It offers a breathtaking view of the city and stands as a sign of Vienna's hospitality and openness.

Pride Month is an annual month of commemoration and celebration recognizing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and all others who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. The Danube Tower is proud to support this month, demonstrating solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

A tower for all

"Our diversity is our strength. It is what makes the Danube Tower a truly unique place. We are celebrating Pride Month 2023 to send the message that everyone is welcome here and everyone is respected," says Hermann Krammer, the Danube Tower's general manager.

The Danube Tower is more than just an impressive landmark. It is also a vibrant workplace for people of all skin colors, religions and nationalities. This diversity is reflected in the unique atmosphere and the wide range of services offered by the tower.

The employees* of the Danube Tower represent a broad spectrum of cultures and lifestyles. They are the heart of the tower and help make every guest feel welcome and appreciated. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences enrich the ambience and quality of service.

Open to all guests

Likewise, the Danube Tower is an internationally appreciated landmark that attracts guests from numerous countries. The tower aims to be open to everyone, regardless of their origin, gender, sexual orientation or religion. Every guest is welcomed with open arms and has the opportunity to experience the unique blend of culture, history and breathtaking views that the Danube Tower offers.

In a world where differences are often perceived as dividing lines, the Danube Tower is a shining example of how diversity and inclusion can be celebrated and promoted. By supporting Pride Month 2023, the tower ends up sending a powerful message: Everyone is welcome, everyone is respected, and everyone has a place on this tower. It is not only a sign from Vienna to the world, but also a reminder that true beauty lies in diversity.

The Danube Tower is truly a "tower for all".

It invites people of all lifestyles to celebrate together and experience humanity in all its diversity. By supporting Pride Month 2023, the Danube Tower highlights the importance of acceptance and inclusion, and emphasizes the need to embrace and celebrate differences.

Connecting the past and the future

The Danube Tower's colorful history - reflecting changing times and society - has a strong connection to Pride Month's mission. By honoring the successes of the LGBTQ+ community and acknowledging the challenges still to be overcome, the Danube Tower embodies the spirit of strength and perseverance. The tower stands as a symbol of hope and progress, a shining beacon that reminds us that together we can create a more inclusive and equitable future.

Hermann Krammer, the Managing Director of the Danube Tower, shares this belief and says, "We are proud to support Pride Month 2023. It is a sign that we value and respect the rights and freedoms of all people. The Danube Tower stands for openness, tolerance and respect - today and always."

The Danube Tower's support of Pride Month 2023 is a powerful statement that expresses its values of diversity and inclusion. This commitment is not only a testament to the Tower's open and inclusive work culture, but also demonstrates the critical role that businesses and institutions can play in promoting equality and acceptance.

It is a call to all of us, not only in June but all year round, to treat each other with respect and openness, regardless of our skin color, religion or sexual orientation. Because the Danube Tower is more than just a landmark. It is a reflection of our global community, in which every person has a place and every person is valued.

"We believe in a world where everyone can live their true identity without fear of discrimination or exclusion," says Hermann Krammer. "And we are proud to do our part to make that world a reality."

Happy Pride Month 2023!