The Danube Tower in Vienna: Successful maintenance phase brings numerous improvements

24 January 2024: After an intensive maintenance and modernisation phase from 8 to 23 January 2024, the Danube Tower will reopen its doors to visitors.

A lot has happened behind the scenes: from the roller service on the slewing ring to the conversion to LED lighting and the renewal of the flooring in the staff rooms - the tower has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment.

Energy efficiency and modern technology

A key aspect of the renovation work was the conversion of the tower kitchen to energy-efficient LED lighting, which not only provides a better working environment for the kitchen staff, but also significantly reduces energy consumption. The tower's music system was also updated to provide guests with an even more pleasant listening experience during their stay.

Focus on safety and comfort

The maintenance work focussed on the safety and comfort of visitors. The roller service on the slewing ring and the gearbox inspection ensure that guests can continue to enjoy the breathtaking view over Vienna safely and smoothly. In the Turm Café, not only was the carpet renewed, but new steps were also installed after damage occurred during the installation of the new gearbox.

A breath of fresh air in the staff and guest rooms

The staff at the Donauturm can also look forward to improvements: the staff rooms have been fitted with new flooring, which contributes to a greater sense of well-being. Guests of the Turm Café will also feel the difference: in addition to the new carpeting, the cleaned ventilation systems ensure a fresh and pleasant climate.

Looking to the future

This renovation phase is a further step in the ongoing endeavour to maintain and further develop the Danube Tower as one of Vienna's most popular excursion destinations.

"We are proud to be able to offer our guests not only a spectacular view, but also the highest level of comfort and safety," says Hermann Krammer, Managing Director of the Danube Tower.

Visitors can look forward to many more innovations in the future that will make their visit to the Danube Tower an unforgettable experience.