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The Danube Tower at that time

The Danube Tower at that time

The sixties were socially revolutionary, innovative and experimental in architecture, art and culture. The economic miracle, the boom and new technologies made the belief in the future almost boundlessly naive.

The Danube Tower was erected in 1964 as a highlight and proud symbol as part of the Vienna International Garden Show (WIG). The WIG transformed a neglected area on the banks of the Danube into a spacious and appealing recreational area -the Danube Park, which was boldly overlooked by the new tower structure.

DT Alt Hoch

From the very beginning, the Danube Tower was regarded as the centerpiece and central point of orientation for visitors to the WIG, offering at the same time a spectacular view and a new perspective on the city of Vienna. At that time, the restaurant at a height of 170 meters was considered a sensation, as it constantly rotated on its own axis.

The leading architect was the Viennese Prof. Hannes Lintl. He chose a formal language that was based on the type of television towers that can be found in other cities (e.g. Stuttgart, Toronto). First and foremost, however, the Danube Tower was and is an observation tower, a structure for leisure, fun and recreation. Construction lasted from October 1962 to April 1964 - just under two years. A total of 3,750 m3 of concrete and 514 tons of reinforced concrete were used. The ceremonial opening was held by the then Mayor of Vienna, Franz Jonas, on April 16, 1964.

The Construction of the Tower

April 16, 1964


252 m

Total height tower and highest building in Austria

165 m

Height central floor


Dinner or Lunch at Turm Restaurant

160 m

Snacks ath the Turm Café

155 m und 150 m

Height Viewing Platforms

17.600 Tons

Weight of the Tower

Ground: 12m, 160m Height: 6m


Deep 8m und 31m Diameter


2 Expresslifts

for 15 persons each

779 Steps

counts the staircaise

514 Tons

Reinforcing steel were installed

The Danube Tower in Numbers

6,2m / second

Elevator speed

35 seconds

Duration of one trip


smaller is the Vienna International Center

420.000 visitors

average per years

900 persons

Transport within one hour

108 minutes

Average visit duration

80 km

Long distance view in fair weather

6 Marriage Proposals

Average per Week

29, 39 or 52 Minutes

Duration of one turn in the tower cafe or tower restaurant

18 months

lasted the construction from 1962 - 1964


Complete renovation and extension in the plinth area

Technical data

With a total height of 252 meters, the Danube Tower is the highest structure in Austria. The central floor is located at a height of 165 meters. The observation terraces are at a height of 155 and 150 meters respectively.

The diameter at ground level is 12 meters, with the tower tapering to 6 meters at a height of 160 meters. The foundation has a depth of 8 meters, a diameter of 31 meters - in total, the Danube Tower weighs 17,600 tons.

Monument protection

The Danube Tower is one of Vienna's landmarks and has been a listed building since 2001. The 2018 conversion therefore took place in close coordination with the Federal Office for the Protection of Monuments (BOA).

Danube tower as broadcasting facility

The Danube Tower contains steel mast facilities for police radio. In addition, VHF transmitting facilities were installed on the tower head in 1998, through which private radio stations such as Radio Arabella, Radio Orange, 98.3 Superfly and Radio Stephansdom broadcast their programs and are essential for mobile network providers.

The Danube Tower has never been used as a platform for TV broadcasting facilities.

The Danube Tower today

The Danube Tower today

Since 2016, the Danube Tower has been wholly privately owned. With the conversion and renovation work carried out in 2018 and completed at the beginning of 2019, the owners intend to successively develop the Danube Tower as a location.

In January 2018 - after 55 years since its construction - the Danube Tower underwent a "state of the art" conversion and extension. In the process, the visitor and viewing experience was intensified with new entertainment options and info screens.

In the course of the work, the tower cafe and the tower restaurant were also restored to the elegant style and splendor of the 1960s. On the ground floor, the diverse gastronomic offer was also expanded: The souvenir store and the Donaubräu, including a spacious guest garden, have been open to guests since February 2019.

For the conversion and renovation work, the Danube Tower worked closely with the renowned Austrian architect Gregor Eichinger.

08 Cafe

Around 10 million euros were invested in the extensive "state of the art" modernization and the return to the elegant style of the 1960s, technical adaptations and the new construction of the Donaucafé and Donaubräu as well as its high-quality design.

Today, the Danube Tower, with its 252 meters, is still the tallest building in Austria and a symbol of the style of the 1960s. Since its opening, it has attracted over 420,000 visitors each year as a popular excursion destination.

On the partly open and partly glazed observation terrace at a height of 150 meters, it provides orientation and is the ideal starting point for a visit to Vienna. Three gastronomy levels - at the foot of the tower, with the tower café at 160 meters and the Turm Restaurant rotating at 170 meters - also make the Danube Tower Vienna a popular location for events of all kinds.