Easter holiday adventure at the Danube Tower

8 March 2024: The Easter holidays are just around the corner and parents are looking for ways to entertain their children and create unforgettable moments. If you are in Vienna or the surrounding area, you should definitely consider a visit to the Danube Tower.

With its breathtaking views and a variety of activities, the Danube Tower is the perfect place to spend a day full of adventure and fun with your children.

Enjoy 360 degree panoramic views

The Danube Tower offers a spectacular panoramic view of Vienna and its surroundings. Take your children to the top and let them experience the fascinating view from the viewing platform at a height of 150 metres. They will be thrilled to get a bird's eye view of the city and discover interesting places.

Interactive experience with the Doni app

For an interactive experience, your children can answer the Doni quiz during their stay, which was specially developed for the visit to the Danube Tower. It's a fun way to make exploring the tower even more exciting, and there are even instant prizes to be won.

Playground and entertainment at the Donaubräu

While you take a break and enjoy delicious food at the Donaubräu, your children can let off steam in the outdoor playground. The playground offers a variety of play equipment and activities that will delight your little adventurers while you sit back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

On Easter Sunday 31 March 2024, the Donaubräu will be offering a special buffet with a children's programm, which promises fun for the little ones with craft activities.

Sliding fun at the Danube Tower

For children aged 6 years and over and a minimum height of 110 cm, the tower slide offers an exciting opportunity to experience the Danube Tower in a very special way. The slide promises fun and adventure for young and old explorers alike and lets them discover the tower in a fast-paced way.

Souvenir shopping in the Donaushop

Before you leave the Danube Tower, don't forget to pop into the souvenir shop. Here you will find a variety of gifts and mementos that will help your children remember this special day for a long time to come. From Doni T-shirts to cuddly toys, there is everything here to immortalise the experience.

Explore the Donaupark with the Donauparkbahn railway

A ride on the Donauparkbahn is another exciting way to explore the Donaupark. With our combined tickets, you and your children can explore the park and even visit other attractions such as Schönbrunn Zoo or the Giant Ferris Wheel.

Animal watching in the Donaupark

The Danube Park is also home to a fascinating animal world. There are various animal species to discover, especially around the Danube Tower and the Donaubräu brewery. Take your children on an exciting excursion and observe the animals in their natural environment.

Enjoy a meal in the Turm Café or Turm Restaurant

The Turm Café is ideal for a snack or the Turm Restaurant for lunch. For children, the Turm Restaurant and Donaubräu offer a drawing pad with coloured pencils and a special children's menu so that they can pass the time while you enjoy the view during your meal.

Spending the Easter holidays at the Danube Tower promises to be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. With a mix of fun, adventure, delicious food and breathtaking views, the Danube Tower is the ideal place to enjoy time together and create unforgettable memories.

Plan your visit today and get ready for an Easter adventure your kids will love!