Start for new Donaubräu

At the foot of the Danube Tower, a new gastronomic highlight will open on February 13, 2019 as part of a soft opening: the Donaubräu.

As of now, Austria's highest landmark offers another gastronomic insider tip in the form of the Donaubräu: In the brand-new pavilion, including a guest garden, everything revolves around Austrian cuisine, which is popular all over the world. Seasonal delicacies and well-known Viennese classics, freshly interpreted with their own touch, await Donaubräu guests. A trip to the Danube Tower can be extended with a tempting pastry in the Donaucafe or a fine grilled chicken in the Donaubräu - in the warm season, the Donaubräu's spacious guest garden entices guests to dine in the countryside: ,,We are very pleased to be able to open the new Donaubräu and the Donaucafe at the successful completion of the renovation work of the entire Donauturm. With freshly interpreted, Austrian flair, the cozy get-together with family and friends is in the foreground with us.

With this, we want to create a real favorite place for all Viennese," says Mag. (FH) Paul Blaguss, co-owner of the Donauturm. As an optimal hostess for the Donaubräu we could win Manuela Krings Fischer, well-known to many from the Kringsalm in Obertauern, for us. With her know-how and her gastronomic experience of many years she will give to the restaurant her completely personal note , adds Blaguss.

Manuela Krings Fischer is pleased about her newly added area of responsibility: ,,The Donaubräu is the ideal location for cozy, casual hours where guests can unwind a little. I am very pleased to be able to implement our gastronomic ideas together with the team in this unique Donauturm atmosphere."

Exclusive beer & inviting guest garden

The design of the pavilion bears the signature of renowned Austrian architect Gregor Eichinger. His design idea for the new Donaubräu architecturally combines earthy down-to-earthness with modern lightness. The interior is decorated in noble, darker wood tones, and the unique artworks by Nicola Verlato, an Italian-American artist of surrealism, are a particular eye-catcher. His works can be found backlit on the ceiling of the pavilion and give visitors the feeling of being "top of Vienna", even if they are in the lower part of the Danube Tower. The bar- trendy, with bottles also staged with light- is another highlight in the guest area.

Also the guest garden situated in the green, which offers place for approximately 430 persons, is in the warmer seasons a meeting place with high well-being factor. The specially brewed tower beer served in the Donaubräu is particularly good to enjoy here. ,,The Turmbier is our pride and joy: With a lot of heart and passion, this new beer specialty was created especially for the Donaubräu - a pleasure from the first sip," says Blaguss, describing the new Turmbier, which is available exclusively at the Bräu and is carefully brewed according to the strict standards of the Purity Law of 1516. As a basis, the brewmasters use Waldviertier Landkorn as well as high-quality aroma hops. The Märzenbier is tapped naturally cloudy to exploit the full aromatic spectrum of flavor notes.
Vienna Danube Tower revitalized all around

Since January 2018, the tower as a whole has been restored to the charm and splendor of the 1960s. In the process, the tower restaurant and the tower cafe on the upper, airy levels of the tower were stylistically reinterpreted in the "state of the art" design language of the Sixties. All gastronomic offerings focus on diverse Austrian cuisine served with Viennese charm and hospitality. The opening of the Donaubräus marks the completion of the conversion and renovation work on Vienna's landmark Danube Tower.

"The result is something to be proud of and gives the Danube Tower back the splendor of years gone by: a popular landmark far beyond Austria's borders that reflects Vienna's charm and is also a popular place to take the family out. It is a place where you can simply feel at home, surrounded by park and green spaces," says Blaguss.