Mikail Akar

October 22, 2022: At the age of ten, Mikail Akar is considered the youngest abstract artist in the world and impresses the entire art scene with his extraordinary talent.

His paintings are very special because they were made with the purity of a childlike soul, which can be seen in Mikail's playful, authentic style.

Now the young Cologne boy has created a special painting for the Global Family Charity organization as a tribute to the city of Vienna and St. Stephen's Cathedral.

"Mozart of colors", "World-renowned Guggenheim Museum auctions painting by Cologne prodigy" - these were the headlines of major media about the 10-year-old boy from Cologne. From December 9 to 11, the "child prodigy of art" exhibited in the gallery of the Ernst Fuchs Museum in Vienna.

Global Family Testimonials Otto Retzer and Toni Polster welcomed the new Global Family Ambassador. In addition, Otto Retzer and Mikail, together with his parents and his sister Nina, accompanied affected families in the Vienna Prater and thus made moments of happiness possible with the help of the Vice President of the Vienna Prater Association Fredo Nemec. For a Ukrainian refugee family and the family of Marcel, a heart patient, it was a dream come true!

Mikail in the circle of many celebrities represents the "Travel Agency of Humanity". The association provides free vacations and moments of happiness victims of poverty and violence.

Mikail has a heart as big as Lake Constance, that's for sure. For this reason his Steffl is also his first picture, which was auctioned for Global Family on Europe's largest Charity Internet auction United Charity - www.untidecharity.de. Proceeds 9,300, - euro.

The work is still exhibited in the Danube Tower. Then it goes to the new owner.

More Informtion https://mikailakar.de and https://www.unitedcharity.de/Auktionen/Mikail-Akar-Werk


General Manager Hermann Krammer welcomes Mikail Akar at Danube Tower.

Toni Polster welcomes the new Global Family Ambassador Mikail Akar with his parents at the Ernst Fuchs Museum.
Photo Auer-Polaska, publication royalty-free.