Culinary pleasure at the highest level

July 21, 2023: In this Falstaff article, discover how Vienna's Donauturm, an architectural landmark, has become a renowned culinary destination and join us on a journey through the finest regional cuisine, led by Executive Chef Andreas Widgruber, who takes quality and modern interpretations of traditional dishes to new heights.

A recent article in Falstaff featured the Danube Tower in Vienna, Austria's tallest structure. The 252-meter landmark, which is also a major culinary hotspot in the city, houses three unique gastronomic levels: Donaubräu at the base, the charming Turm Café at 160 meters and the rotating Turm Restaurant at 170 meters.

The Falstaff review focuses on Executive Chef Andreas Widgruber and his team's commitment to modern dishes and regional products. Following an extensive renovation of the Danube Tower that revived the 1960s atmosphere of the Turm Café and Restaurant, the team is working to establish the Turm Restaurant as a fine-dining establishment. To do this, table reservation periods were eliminated and the menu and suppliers were reduced to increase the quality of the dishes offered.

Culinary impressions

The article highlights that the tower restaurant is increasingly attracting an audience from the region and is no longer used only for tourism. Although the Danube Tower suffers from the current staff shortage, it has a stable core team that has been working together for ten years. In addition, there are about three apprentices each year, although not all of them complete their training, and some highly motivated career changers who complete their training with distinction.

In summary, the Falstaff article illustrates the remarkable transformation of the Danube Tower into a gastronomic gem recognized for its regional cuisine, commitment to quality, and unique atmosphere and view.