Danube Tower Part of Royal Canadian Air Force World Record

June 3, 2024: On April 1, 2024, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) celebrated its 100th anniversary. For 100 years, the RCAF has protected Canada, its interests, and especially its people.

To mark this milestone, businesses, cities, and landmarks around the world were invited to light up their facades and buildings in Air Force blue. Supporters were encouraged to share photos of their illuminated buildings on social media using the hashtags #RCAF2024/#ARC2024, #RCAF100Years/#ARC100ans, and #YourAirForce/#VotreForceAerienne.

The Donauturm in Vienna also joined this global event, glowing in bright blue on April 1, 2024. This gesture honored not only the RCAF’s anniversary but also the enduring friendship between Canada and Austria.

Thanks to the support of numerous locations worldwide, including the Donauturm, the Royal Canadian Air Force earned a Guinness World Record for illuminating 56 accepted sites within 24 hours. The previous record of 38 was set by the Estée Lauder Foundation in 2010.

A representative from Guinness World Records was present to award the record to Lieutenant General Kenny, Commander of the RCAF, and Captain Aaron Niles, Strategic Planner for the RCAF Centennial.

Credit Royal Canadian Airforce

Credit Royal Canadian Airforce