A contribution of the Danube Tower to the Ferienspiel-Startfest in the Donaupark

July 4, 2023: As a proud landmark of Vienna and part of the vibrant city community, the Danube Tower always strives to create unique experiences.

On the first weekend of July 2023, we had the honor of contributing to the Ferienspiel launch festival in Donaupark. By generously donating free tickets to support an exciting scavenger hunt in the Kinderaktiv app, we helped make this festival an unforgettable event.

The Danube Tower is not only a place to enjoy the breathtaking view over Vienna, but also a part of the community. We always strive to give back and inspire the people of our city. Donating free tickets for the raffle at the Ferienspiel launch festival was a way for us to surprise visitors with an unforgettable experience and give them the chance to discover Vienna from a new perspective.

We are proud to have been part of this wonderful celebration and to be able to share the enthusiasm for the Danube Tower and the Danube Park with the people.