Film shooting by Ducati in the Danube Tower

June 22, 2023: Under the bright skies of Vienna recently took place a spectacular photo shoot that attracted the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Ducati chose the imposing Danube Tower as the backdrop to showcase the unique beauty of the Scrambler Ducati.

The Danube Tower, with its 150-meter height and visibility of up to 80 kilometers in clear weather, provided the ideal setting for this special occasion. The striking landmark of the Austrian capital served as an impressive backdrop to highlight the combination of elegance, adventurousness and performance of the Scrambler Ducati.

Photographers captured the stunning aesthetics of the Scrambler Ducati while standing majestically next to the Danube Tower. The unique lines and striking design of the motorcycles harmonized perfectly with the modern architecture of the tower. The result was images that uniquely combined the passion for riding and the beauty of the surroundings.

The Scrambler Ducati is not only a masterpiece of engineering, but also a symbol of freedom and adventure. It embodies the spirit of motorcycling and is the ideal companion for exploring the streets of Vienna and beyond. The Danube Tower as a backdrop reinforced this message and added an extra dimension to the images.

During the photo shoot, the photographers also took the opportunity to highlight the versatility of the Scrambler Ducati. From the narrow streets of Vienna's old town to the picturesque landscapes of the surrounding area, this motorcycle offers a dynamic riding experience that delights both in the urban jungle and on remote roads.

The Danube Tower not only provided an impressive backdrop, but also an inspiring atmosphere for the photo shoot. The feeling of being high up and enjoying a panoramic view of the city amplified the adrenaline and excitement associated with the Scrambler Ducati. It was a unique moment that intensified the connection between the bike, the rider and the environment.

The photos from the photo shoot at the Danube Tower will undoubtedly excite the motorcycle community and further fuel enthusiasm for the Scrambler Ducati. They show not only the beauty of the machine, but also the joy and fun experienced while riding it.

The Danube Tower and the Scrambler Ducati - a combination that unites the thrill of riding and the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings