Culinary flights of fancy in the Danube Tower - exclusive photo shooting

July 19, 2023: Recently, an exclusive photo shoot took place at the Turm Restaurant, where the delicious drinks and selected dishes were staged to tantalize the senses of visitors.

The Danube Tower in Vienna is not only an architectural masterpiece, but also a gastronomic highlight of the Austrian capital. With its breathtaking view and renowned Turm Restaurant, it offers a unique culinary experience that makes every visit an unforgettable experience.

The Danube Tower and its Turm Restaurant

The Danube Tower towers a proud 252 meters above the Danube and is one of Vienna's most famous landmarks. In addition to the spectacular views of the city, it houses the renowned Turm Restaurant, known for its upscale Austrian cuisine. With a revolving platform that slowly rotates, guests can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city during their meal.

Food photo shoot: a behind-the-scenes look at the culinary arts

A food photoshoot is much more than simply taking pictures of food. It requires careful planning, preparation and the expertise of a professional team in collaboration with the Danube Tower's kitchen team to showcase culinary creations at their best. Here's a look behind the scenes and what all went into the background to ensure the perfect shots.

Planning and concept

A successful food photo shoot begins with thorough planning and a clear concept. The team of photographers, stylists and chefs work closely together to define the vision of the shoot. Various aspects are taken into consideration, such as the presentation of the dishes, the selection of appropriate props and backgrounds, and the lighting to create the desired mood.

Preparation of the dishes

Before the camera is even used, each dish must be perfectly prepared. The chefs of the Turm Restaurant in the Danube Tower place great emphasis on quality and presentation. They make sure that each dish is freshly prepared and arranged with attention to detail. Not only are the ingredients carefully selected, but techniques such as garnishing and dressing are mastered to maximize the visual appeal of the food.

Styling and decoration

To present the food in the best possible way, careful styling and appropriate decoration is essential. The team selects the appropriate plates, cutlery and serving utensils that enhance the character of the dishes. Colors, textures and shapes are harmoniously matched to create an aesthetic composition.

Lighting and photography

Proper lighting is critical to showcase the food to its best advantage. The team of photographers uses professional lighting techniques to control shadows and reflections and perfectly illuminate the dishes. Various light sources and reflectors are used to create the desired atmosphere. The photographers have a trained eye for the right angle, perspective and focus to capture the essence of the food.

Image editing

After the actual shoot, it's all about image editing. Photos are carefully selected and post-processed in post-production to achieve the final look. Color correction, sharpening and retouching can be used to optimize the images and give them the final touch. It is important to find the right balance between a natural representation of the food and an appealing presentation.

A food photo shoot requires an interplay of creativity, craftsmanship and an attention to detail. The exclusive photo shoot in the Tower Restaurant of the Danube Tower duly showcased the culinary masterpieces. Through careful planning, preparation of the dishes, styling and decoration, professional lighting and skillful photography, the culinary creations were captured in all their glory. The results are images that not only appeal to the palate, but also delight the eyes.