Program Presentation for the 19th Open Air Festival Bühne Donaupark

On Wednesday, July 3rd, 2024 a VIP and press reception was hosted by Donaubräu on to celebrate the program presentation for the 19th Open Air Festival Bühne Donaupark.

The event provided an exciting preview of the upcoming festival, which will take place in Donaupark from July 6 to August 25.

Moderation and Welcome

The event was hosted by the well-known moderator Peter Rapp. Guests were welcomed by Karl Gasta, the Deputy District Mayor of Donaustadt, as well as by Herbert Sobotka, President of the Donaustadt Cultural Association. Roman Bauer, General Manager of Donauturm, also greeted the attendees.

Program Presentation

Herbert Sobotka, who organizes the festival with great dedication and passion, presented the diverse program of the 19th Open Air Festival Bühne Donaupark. The festival takes place in the natural arena of Donaupark, surrounded by old trees within the 600,000 m² park area. From July 6 to August 25, visitors can expect a total of 24 events featuring music and cabaret with free admission every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Attending VIP Guests

The presentation attracted many prominent guests, including musicians, singers, and managers:

  • Gerhard Aflenzer (Original Swingtime Bigband)
  • Thomas Beck (Original Swingtime Band)
  • Adolf Bichler (Original Swingtime Bigband)
  • Renate Blatterer (Wienerlied Gruppe Facebook)
  • Martin Böhm (Rock in Peace)
  • Manfred Chromy (Musician)
  • Hans Ecker (Hans Ecker Trio)
  • Andy Ferner (Cabaret Artist)
  • Martin Fischerauer (Musician/Management Stereoparty)
  • Herbert Frei (Die3)
  • Karl Gasta (Deputy District Mayor)
  • Gerhard Greisinger (Wienerlied Magazine)
  • Rene Grohs (Ridin Dudes)
  • Martin Haslinger (Original Swingtime Bigband)
  • Christian Höller (SirtakiSchrammeln)
  • Anita Horn (Original Swingtime Bigband)
  • Dennis Jale (Singer)
  • Fredi Jirkal (Cabaret Artist)
  • Alexander Klement (Die3)
  • Jan Kolaja (Original Swingtime Band)
  • Michael Korner (Die3)
  • Gabi Krieger Wolf (Die3 Management)
  • Harry Kucera (SirtakiSchrammeln)
  • Kostas Liaskos (SirtakiSchrammeln)
  • Domenico Limardo (Amore Italiano)
  • Petra Lohmann (Management)
  • Charlotte Ludwig (SirtakiSchrammeln)
  • Dennis Lux (Singer/Musician)
  • Gary Lux (Wir Vier)
  • Patrick Marischka (Rock I.n. Pease)
  • Niddl Stelzl (Singer)
  • Evelin Pichler (Cabaret Artist)
  • Peter Pernica (Wiener Wahnsinn)
  • Heinz Pledl (Austria 2 1/2)
  • Christl Prager (Wienerlied Performer)
  • Peter Rapp (TV Legend/Singer)
  • Merle Saskia (Amore Italiano)
  • Herbert Sobotka (KV22)
  • Mika Stokkinen (Ridin Dudes)
  • Kurt Strohmer (Viennese Entertainer)

Artistic Performances and Culinary Highlights

The atmosphere was enhanced by brief artistic performances, including by the Rock & Pop cover band STEREOPARTY with Dennis Lux. Guests also had the opportunity to sample Donaubräu’s specially brewed Turmbier and various chicken dishes.

About the Festival

Since 2006, the Open Air Festival Bühne Donaupark has been a highlight of Vienna's cultural scene, attracting numerous visitors every year. The festival is funded by contributions from the 22nd District, MA 7, and the Donaustadt Cultural Association. Herbert Sobotka, President of the Cultural Association, is also the organizer of this event.


Festival Highlights

On Saturday, July 6, Peter Rapp will open the festival at 7 p.m. At 7:30 p.m., Michael Seida & Sessions Band will provide musical entertainment. On Sunday, July 7, the Edlseer will perform. Every Friday at 7:30 p.m., visitors can enjoy cabaret performances by artists like Andreas Ferner, Christoph Fälbl, Markus Hauptmann, and many more. Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. feature Austropop and Rock’n’Roll, with performances by the Ridin Dudes, Michael Seida & Sessions Band, and the Rock & Pop cover band STEREOPARTY. Sundays at 6 p.m. focus on Viennese songs and music, including performances by the Weinbuttenboogibuam and the Italian festival Amore Italiano.

The festival concludes on Sunday, August 25, with a special highlight: the Original Swingtime Big Band with Anita Horn will perform a Tribute to Glenn Miller.

The 19th Open Air Festival Bühne Donaupark promises to once again offer a diverse and entertaining program for young and old alike. Visit the festival and experience Vienna’s cultural scene in a unique atmosphere!

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