Window replacement at 170m height

March 25, 2022: Replacing windows in a tower restaurant at an airy height is a challenge. This requires skilled workers with certified height worker training and a lot of experience.

"Just install a new window and that's it?"

Window replacement is one of the most common renovation measures on normal buildings today. The step to window replacement is often a difficult one, after all, replacement actions in the field of windows are usually associated with great (time) effort and high costs. Especially since windows can be installed on the same day already functional. Thus, the use of the premises is affected only slightly.

"After all, it's just a window replacement, there's no need to do any major planning..." But what do you do when the window replacement has to happen at a height of 170m?

The old window had to be removed and hauled away. Meanwhile, the entire area around the Danube Tower was cordoned off to prevent passers-by from being hit by glass splinters or falling parts.

Using modern rope access technology, the transport first took place to a height of 150 meters to the viewing platform. Then it was another 20m to the tower restaurant.

Thanks to our partner companies, who are used to working at great heights and in hard-to-reach places where no scaffolding or cranes can be used, the project was completed after 2 days during our closing phase.