360-degree enjoyment: Turm Café in Vienna's Danube Tower is spinning again

November 30, 2023: A welcome update for all visitors to the Donauturm Wien: the 360-degree panoramic rotating mechanism in the Turm Café is back in operation following an extensive technical overhaul. The gearbox, which has served faithfully for almost six decades, has undergone necessary maintenance.

One of the gearboxes, which was first put into operation in 1964, weighs an impressive 650 kg. Regular maintenance work over the years ensured that the impressive gears worked perfectly for almost 60 years. At the end of August, the rotation in the Café tower was interrupted by a technical fault; the rotation mechanism in the Restaurant tower was not affected at any time. Over the past few weeks, intensive work has been carried out to rectify this fault. The gearbox of the Turm Café has now been thoroughly refurbished in Germany and was successfully put back into operation on November XX. Just how demanding and complex this project turned out to be can be seen from the time required - a total of 30 hours were needed for dismantling, assembly and transportation. The Turm Café, which now rotates 360 degrees again, now offers guests the usual panoramic view of Vienna and Lower Austria.

"Following the spectacular installation and opening of our Danube Tower slide, the highest slide in Europe, a few weeks ago, we are particularly pleased that the technical maintenance work at the 'heart' of the Turm Café has now been successfully completed. The rotating mechanism is back in operation and allows our guests to enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view that has been popular for decades while drinking coffee. This means that nothing stands in the way of our 'round' 60th birthday next year," says a delighted Hermann Krammer, Managing Director of Donauturm Aussichtsturm- und Restaurantbetriebsgesellschaft.