A lunch break full of surprises

July 19, 2023: It was a normal working day at the Donauturm, Vienna's landmark, when an unexpected surprise broke the routine. Doni, the Danube Tower's cheerful and lovable mascot, had a special plan for the Danube Tower team.

The team, consisting of Mario from Technical Department, Tatyana and Markus from Finance & Account, Daniela from Reservations, Sonja from Sales & Marketing and Bettina from Human Resources, was invited by Doni on an adventure trip with the Donauparkbahn in the nearby Donaupark.

This diverse team has been working together on various projects for almost a year. Despite the different areas in which they work, one thing is always present - the "Schmäh".

This term, typical of Viennese dialect, refers to a humorous, often ironic or sarcastic tone that characterizes Viennese culture and communication. It is this "Schmäh" that makes the working atmosphere at the Donauturm so unique and pleasant.

The Donauparkbahn, often referred to as the younger sister of the Liliputbahn in the Prater, was opened for the Vienna International Garden Show (WIG) in 1964. It fascinates by the beauty of its route, which leads through the well-kept park landscape, past magnificent flowerbeds and lush meadows.

On the way, you will discover beautiful spots to explore by taking a walk afterwards, or you can simply unwind amidst one of Vienna's most beautiful recreational landscapes.

The Donauparkbahn also takes you to areas of the park that you can't normally reach on foot. With the combination ticket you can perfectly combine the train ride with a visit to the Danube Tower. The entire round trip takes about 20 minutes.

With Doni as the tour guide, the trip became an unforgettable experience. His playful nature and ability to put a smile on people's faces provided much joy and laughter during the ride. It was an unusual sight to see the mascot in the role of host, but it was undoubtedly a welcome one.

A special highlight of the ride is the drive past the Donaubräu guest garden. Here you can see the large Doni mascot and the playground, both of which invite you to linger and enjoy.

This unusual lunch break, organized by Doni, was proof that work and pleasure can go hand in hand. With the picturesque Donauparkbahn as a backdrop and the many sights they discovered on their journey, it was a break that the Donauturm team will certainly not soon forget.

This day was a perfect example of the importance of taking time for small pleasures, even in the midst of a busy workday. It's a reminder that it's the little things in life that count - a fun ride, a beautiful park, an adorable mascot and the laughter of colleagues.

Doni, the mascot from the Danube Tower, showed us that it doesn't take much to turn a normal workday into a little adventure.

Sometimes all you need is a ride on the Donauparkbahn, the guidance of a cheerful mascot, the wonders of nature that surround us, and of course a good Viennese "Schmäh".