Donauturm focuses on employer branding

December 3, 2022: The Danube Tower is one of Vienna's most famous landmarks and also an important employer in the region.

The Donauturm Vienna focuses on employer branding through employee video and photo shooting

In order to increase its attractiveness as an employer and attract potential talent, the tower recently launched a video and photo shoot with its employees. The success of the shoot shows how important employer branding is today.

What is employer branding and why is it important?

Employer branding is the way an employer presents its image on the job market and to potential employees. The goal is to increase the attractiveness of the employer in order to attract qualified candidates and increase the engagement and satisfaction of existing employees. In times of increasing competition for talent, employer branding is an important tool for attracting and retaining talented employees.

Why is the Danube Tower a good example of successful employer branding?

The Donauturm employs a large number of people in various areas, such as catering, event management and technology. Through the video and photo shoot, the Danube Tower was able to put its employees in the spotlight and give potential talents an insight into the various areas of the tower. This creates trust and gives potential employees a better impression of what it is like to work for the Danube Tower. By putting its employees in the foreground and emphasizing their commitment and enthusiasm for their work, the Danube Tower strengthens the commitment and loyalty of its employees.

How did the photo shoot motivate the employees of the Danube Tower?

The photo shoot in the Danube Tower was not only an opportunity for the employees to pose in front of the camera and try out different poses, but it also had a positive impact on the team dynamics. Through the shared experience, the team was able to improve their collaboration and grow closer together. Of course, fun and humor were at the forefront. The shoot also provided an opportunity to showcase each individual's personality and boost self-confidence.



Employer branding is now an important part of companies' HR strategy. The Donauturm has recognized the importance of employer branding and uses it successfully to attract and retain talented employees. The video and photo shoot with the tower's team is a good example of how employer branding can be successfully used to attract potential employees and increase the engagement and satisfaction of existing ones.