Title: A Tower Open to All Celebrates Pride Month 2024

We celebrate diversity not only during Pride Month but every day with our guests and staff! For 60 years, we have been a place of connection and togetherness, where everyone is welcome!

We are committed to creating a respectful and inclusive work environment where everyone—regardless of origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, physical abilities, or age—feels welcome, valued, and safe at all times.

We take pride in our diverse and vibrant guest community and especially in our employees, whose foresight and dedication shape the experience for each and every individual.

Our diverse leisure and dining options attract several hundred thousand visitors from Austria and abroad each year, who come to admire the panoramic views over Vienna and the surrounding areas, enjoy food and drinks, and create joyful moments together at the Danube Tower.

We strive to contribute to a colorful world where everyone can be exactly who they want to be!



Our Managing Director Roman Bauer talks about our passion for inclusion and diversity:

"We don't just celebrate diversity during Pride Month – we live it every day with our guests and employees! For 60 years, we have been a place of encounter and togetherness, where all people are welcome!"