Together for the environment

May 24, 2023:The cooperation between Donauturm and Münzer Bioindustrie is an example of the importance of sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices in the economy.

The Danube Tower, one of Vienna's landmarks, is an impressive engineering masterpiece and a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. In 2022, however, the tower was admired not only for its architecture and views, but also for a remarkable environmentally friendly initiative.

The operators of the Danube Tower handed over 6,256 kilograms of used cooking oil to the company Münzer Bioindustrie GmbH. This oil, which accumulates in restaurants, hotels and other catering establishments, is normally disposed of and can lead to considerable environmental pollution. However, by the Danube Tower handing over the used cooking oil to Münzer Bioindustrie, it can be transformed into useful products.

Münzer Bioindustrie GmbH is an Austrian company that specializes in processing used cooking oil and animal by-products. Among other things, the company produces ecologically sustainable biodiesel from them. By reusing used cooking oil, not only is waste avoided, but a valuable raw material is also obtained. A total of 17,083 kg of CO2 was saved.

The cooperation between the Donauturm and Münzer Bioindustrie is an example of how companies in Vienna can help the environment. Avoiding waste and reusing resources not only protects the environment, but can also create new economic opportunities. In addition, the initiative makes an important contribution to achieving climate goals by reducing CO2 emissions.

The Danube Tower and Münzer Bioindustrie show that it is possible to be environmentally friendly and economically successful. Furthermore, the Danube Tower was able to make an important contribution to sustainability and the protection of our environment.